Top 10 Animal Cannibals

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Cannibalism is often associated solely with humans, but few pay attention to the fact that in the animal world, it’s quite a common behavior. And quite often, it’s perfectly explained by the principles of survival. Let’s get acquainted with animals that stand out most vividly due to cannibalism.

1 Polar Bear
Polar Bear
Researchers note that cases of cannibalism among polar bears are not uncommon today, linking it to global warming. As ice melts and its area decreases, bears catch prey precisely under the ice. There are cases where adult bears eat cubs.

2 Lion
In most cases, lions kill not out of hunger, nor due to population decline. Lions are cruel towards foreign offspring. Therefore, only the cubs of the pride leader survive.

3 Sand Shark
Sand Shark
Sand shark pups become cannibals even before birth. They eat their unborn siblings: the embryos that hatch first devour those who have not yet been born. After birth, this habit disappears.

4 Octopus
It’s unfortunate for a male octopus to encounter a larger female. After mating, the female strangles the partner and eats him. By the way, this is quite a common “practice.” Females often eat males after mating.

5 Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
Females of these animals often practice eating the offspring of their relatives. However, among rodents, this is not uncommon. The prairie dog is not a dog but a rodent, somewhat resembling a ground squirrel.

6 Rattlesnake
Researchers call the cannibalism of these reptiles quite humane. Most rattlesnake mothers eat their dead offspring after giving birth. This is done to restore strength and avoid going hunting.

7 Crocodile
Representatives of this species are characterized by eating their younger counterparts. And for any reason. It can be a simple “fight” between males.

8 Djungarian Hamster
Djungarian Hamster
Yes, these adorable creatures also fall into the ranks of cannibals. The female eats weak and sickly offspring to feed the stronger ones. It’s quite a common habit among rodents, as seen with the black-tailed prairie dog.

9 Burrowing Frog
Burrowing Frog
Adults of this species often feed on young offspring, and the youth often sins with cannibalism – they eat weaker tadpoles. Disgusting, although quite understandable from a survival standpoint.

10 Gelada

Gelada males’ groups attack other primate groups, killing males and infants, but they rarely eat them. However, cases of cannibalism have been observed, although not very often.

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