Top 10 beautiful town halls

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1 Munich, Germany
Munich Town Hall
The New Town Hall was built on Marienplatz square in 1908. Adorned with 32 life-size figures depicting scenes from the Middle Ages. The town hall has a clock, and the figures appear at 11, 12, and 5 o’clock in the summer. A melodious cockerel announces the beginning of each hour.

2 Minneapolis, Minnesota. USA
Minneapolis Town Hall
The Town Hall serves as the main building for city and county administration. It boasts the largest tower with four clocks, and the clock face diameter is 7.5 meters. Every hour, the town hall chimes with 15 bells.

3 Prague, Czech Republic
Town Hall
The Old Town Hall is located in the Old Town. It’s a historic complex of self-government buildings interconnected, including a tower with Astronomical Clocks, standing at 56 meters tall, a chapel with an oriel, and five houses.

4 Chester, United Kingdom
Chester Town Hall
Chester Town Hall was officially opened in 1869. It’s designed in the neo-Gothic style with a tower height of 49 meters. Inside the town hall, there is a memorial dedicated to the memory of citizens who perished in the First and Second World Wars.

5 Brussels, Belgium
Brussels Town Hall
The town hall building is located on Grand Place square. It was built in the late Gothic style and consists of several wings. It’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

6 Cologne, Germany
Cologne Town Hall
Cologne Town Hall is an architectural monument in the Renaissance style. One of its main features is a tower standing at 61 meters tall. The town hall was built in the 15th century. The tower is adorned with sculptural exhibits of more than 120 statues, depicting prominent historical figures, saints, and honored citizens of the city.

7 Wrocław, Poland
Wrocław Town Hall
Wrocław Town Hall has retained its historical appearance and rightfully stands as an outstanding monument of medieval Gothic architecture. It’s located on Market Square (considered one of the largest in Europe). The facade of the town hall is adorned with clocks. The oldest bell in Poland is located in the bell tower (cast in 1368). Today, the City Historical Museum is housed in the town hall building.

8 Bruges, Belgium
Bruges Town Hall
The Bruges Town Hall is a 15th-century architectural monument. It’s located on Burg Square. One of the oldest surviving city buildings, created in the Gothic ecclesiastical style. The town hall is adorned with stone statues of counts and countesses of Flanders.

9 Regensburg, Germany
Regensburg Town Hall
The Old and New Town Halls are located in the historical center of Regensburg on Town Hall Square. In one of the halls of the old town hall, you can see a bas-relief depicting a 13th-century tournament. The Old Town Hall is famous for being the place where the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire was declared in 1806. It combines features of early and late Gothic, as well as elements of Baroque. The New Town Hall was built at the end of the 17th century as the residence of the city administration.

10 Hanover, Germany
Hanover Town Hall
The Old Town Hall is located in the city center on Market Square. It was built in the 15th century. It’s an ensemble of Northern German Gothic details. It consists of a two-story trading pavilion and a judicial building in the style of Italian romanticism. The New Town Hall was built in an eclectic style, combining elements of medieval and Renaissance architecture. The height of the town hall dome is almost 100 meters.

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