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This year, the Prague district of Vinohrady made it into the list of the best urban neighborhoods. Quite a pleasant coincidence for me, as my office is located in this area, so I have a lot to say about it. Vinohrady is, without a doubt, a wonderful district, and I particularly enjoy the area around the fountain on Americká Street. The whole block down to Francouzská Street has a magical atmosphere – it’s peaceful and quiet, with numerous cafes, and it all culminates in the beautiful Havlíček Gardens park.

I suggest taking a look at the Top 10 Best Urban Neighborhoods. Let’s go through the list and find out which cities can boast of having the best neighborhoods.

1Nørrebro, Copenhagen
Nørrebro, Copenhagen

Nørrebro is a district located in the northern part of Copenhagen. It strikes a perfect balance between ultra-modern architecture, restaurants, and cafes. Weekends in the area feature car-free days, numerous exhibitions, and street performances.

2Andersonville, Chicago
Andersonville, Chicago

Andersonville, historically a Swedish enclave, is widely known for its LGBTQ nightlife, as well as bars and restaurants along Clark Street. Over the past year, new bars and restaurants have opened in the area. Andersonville also boasts proximity to the waterfront for leisurely strolls and many beaches.

3Chongno-gu, Seoul
Chongno-gu, Seoul

Chongno-gu is the heart and soul of Seoul, surrounded by palaces and galleries. It is home to the Buddhist temple Jogyesa and the magnificent Gyeongbokgung Palace with its Kwanghwamun Gate. The district has its own charm, with a concentration of street vendors selling rice rolls (kimbap), spicy fried seafood, and other snacks. Chongno-gu is a hub of traditional LGBTQ culture in Seoul. Here, you can taste pancakes made by Mashe and seaweed roll roulette, and take a stroll on a quiet street that passes by the stone wall of the shrine, scholars.

4Leith, Edinburgh
Leith, Edinburgh

Leith was an independent port town for centuries. Today, this district is the cultural center of Edinburgh, where various art objects are located. This transformation happened because many industrial facilities have turned into art zones for performances. Along the waterfront, you’ll find restaurants and bistros serving seafood dishes and traditional pubs. In the district, you can also visit the royal yacht Britannia, once owned by the royal family.

5Railway District, Vilnius
Railway District, Vilnius

The Railway District in Vilnius is a self-proclaimed republic of artists, a place of street art concentration. The territory of the Soviet factory Loftas has become a venue for concerts and the Loftas Fest festival. The district has a large number of international cuisine restaurants. However, this unique combination will not exist indefinitely; soon, the station itself will undergo reconstruction, and along with it, the spirit of the place will likely disappear.

6Chelsea, New York
Chelsea, New York

The Chelsea district is home to the High Line, an elevated park created on the site of old railway tracks. It is also home to over 200 art galleries occupying former factory buildings. The district is also known for the Chelsea Market complex, which houses a food market, restaurants, and shops.

711th District, Budapest
11th District, Budapest

Újbuda or the 11th district of Budapest was previously known only for the Gellért Baths, but now it boasts excellent cafes, bars, and various art galleries. The district features an open-air theater, a concert hall on an old ship, and beautiful sandy beaches with bars.

8Ngor, Dakar
Ngorg, Dakar

The Ngor district is located on the Atlantic Ocean coast, exuding a relaxed atmosphere. It’s filled with people engaged in sports, divers, surfers, and scattered along the coastline of the capital of Senegal. The promenade offers many vibrant restaurants and bars, as well as a labyrinth of narrow urban streets, golden sandy coves, and unique street art.

9Sai Kung Town, Hong Kong
Sai Kung Town, Hong Kong

Sai Kung Town with its picturesque beaches, pedestrian pathways, and preserved parks is often referred to as the Garden of Hong Kong. Local residents cherish this district for its lower population density, close proximity to nature, numerous organic businesses, health food stores, and zero-waste shops.

10Richmond, Melbourne
Richmond, Melbourne

The Richmond district can be roughly divided into three different parts. Victoria Street is a popular place to try Vietnamese cuisine. Bridge Road is known for its furniture and fashion outlets. Church Street is famous for its excellent restaurants and cafes.

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