Top 10 Biggest pizzas in the world

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Do you love pizza as much as I do? Let’s start with a few words about the dish’s history, and then dive into the records. Pizza is a traditional Italian dish. The precursor to pizza was food served on slices of bread in the homes of ancient Greeks and Romans. The first Italian pizza appeared in Naples in 1522, and since then, chefs have been competing, attempting to make the largest pizza.

1Ottavia, 1262 sq. m

A pizza made in Italy in 2012 made it into the Guinness World Records as the largest pizza ever made. Chef Dovilio Nardi, along with two other chefs, prepared this pizza, and its diameter was 39 meters.

2Norwood Hypermarket Pizza, 1085 sq. m

A massive pizza with a diameter of 36 meters was prepared by a team from the Norwood Pick n’ Pay supermarket in South Africa in 1990. The money raised from selling thousands of pizza slices was directed to charity.

3Lorenzo Ristorante Pizza, 929 sq. m

Lorenzo Amati, in his Florida restaurant, twice made the largest pizza, and twice his record was broken. In 1987, Lorenzo made the truly largest pizza at that time, with a diameter of approximately 21.9 meters. The money from pizza sales went to the American Red Cross.

4Fontana Pizza, 941 sq. m

Fash Asvadi created the longest pizza on a highway in California in 2018. This pizza was an answer to the record for the longest pizza from Naples. Volunteers helped make the pizza, which followed the curvature of the road.

5Napoli Pizza, 900 sq. m

A massive pizza was prepared at the Naples Pizza Festival in 2016. The dish was made in front of an astonished audience.

6The Colossus, 455 sq. m

In 2012, a restaurant at the Allphones Arena in Sydney offered the largest pizza for sale. The restaurant also held speed-eating contests, and the team that finished the meal first received tickets for four to all events at the stadium for a year.

7The Bus, 285 sq. m

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and apparently, that includes pizza. In 2018, Moontower Pizza Bar in Burleson created a large commercial pizza in the city. This establishment specializes in the largest pizzas; here, you can order a pizza twice the size of any other restaurant.

8The Giant Sicilian, 270 sq. m

Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria in California set a record by preparing the largest pizza available for delivery. The establishment also hosts a contest: if eight people can eat the pizza within 2 hours, the pizza is free, and participants receive a cash prize.

9Big Lou’s Super 42, 42 inches

Again in Texas, Big Lou’s Super 42 restaurant focused not on size but on weight in its pizza. Customers can add any ingredients in large quantities, and the final weight of the pizza can reach up to 15 kilograms. If a 42-inch pizza is large enough for you, you can order a smaller one – 37 inches.

10The Pizza Machine Pizza, 40 inches

From a restaurant called Pizza Machine, you’d expect the pizza to be made by a machine, but in reality, a specially designed crane serves the 40-inch pizza. The restaurant and its presentation were even more interesting than the pizza itself. Unfortunately, the restaurant closed some time ago, and now its owners sell pizza from an old school bus, but Pizza Machine is still available on their menu.

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