Top 10 Castles in the central Bohemian region of the Czech Republic

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In the Czech Republic, a large number of castles have been preserved throughout history, with over 2500 castles and fortresses known. This list presents Czech castles only from the Central Bohemian Region.

1Castle of Zleby
Castle of Zleby
Located near the town of Kutna Hora. Zleby Castle was founded in the 13th century by Smil of Lichtenburg. During the Hussite Wars, the castle was captured and destroyed by Hussite forces in 1427. From the 15th century, the castle and estate changed owners many times. From 1754 to 1942, the castle was owned by the Auerperg family, and during this period, the legend of the governess ghost wandering the castle in a black dress emerged. In 1945, the castle was nationalized.

2Dobris Castle
Dobris Castle
A castle-palace in the town of Dobris, 40 km south of Prague. First mentioned as a royal residence in 1252. King Wenceslas I stayed here. The current appearance of the castle dates back to 1745-1765. Built in the Rococo style with luxurious facades in the French Baroque style and an adjacent park in the same French style.

3Brzeznice Castle
Brzeznice Castle
The castle is located near Przibram. In the first half of the 13th century, a Gothic fortress was built here, owned by the Buzicz family. In 1422, the fortress was captured by Catholic troops and burned down. The next owner, George of Lokshan, invited Italian masters who preserved the layout of the fortress, but as a result of extensions and finishing touches, a Renaissance castle with sgraffito decoration was built. The castle hosted the “scandalous” wedding of Archduke Ferdinand with a bourgeois woman.

4Cesky Sternberk Castle
Cesky Sternberk Castle
The castle near Benesov was founded in 1241 by Zdeslav II of Chlumec. Thanks to the castle’s coat of arms, the castle later received its name Stern – star, berg – hill, and later the family began to be called by the name of their ancestral castle. Since its founding, the castle has belonged only to the Sternberk family. The current owner of the castle lives there with his family.

5Mnichovo Hradiste Castle
Mnichovo Hradiste Castle
The castle is located near the town of Mlada Boleslav. In the 16th century, Czech politician Václav Budovec built a castle in the city. After the Battle of White Mountain, the castle passed to Albrecht von Wallenstein and became the ancestral home of the Wallenstein family. Generalissimo Albrecht von Wallenstein is buried here.

6Nelahozeves Castle
Nelahozeves Castle
Located 30 km north of Prague. The castle was built for Florian Grispek, advisor to Czech King Ferdinand I, in 1593. In 1623, Princess Polixena of the Lobkowicz family became the owner of Nelahozeves. In 1950, the castle was nationalized, and in 1992, it was returned to its owners.

7Emniste Castle
Emniste Castle
The castle was built in 1724 on a low hill. The project of the representative residence was authored by the famous Czech architect Franz Maximilian Kanka. In 1754, the castle burned down completely, only the chapel of St. Joseph survived. Therefore, Franz A. Trautmannsdorf rebuilt and redesigned the castle.

8Kacina Castle
Kacina Castle
The castle was built in the early 19th century by Jan Rudolf Hotek and became his home. The extensive arched building was located near an already existing botanical garden, which became the castle park, and today it is crossed by a scientific route. The Kacina Castle houses the Museum of the Czech Village, a branch of the National Agricultural Museum.

9Točník Castle
Točník Castle
Not far from Prague, near the town of Beroun, on Castle Hill, King Wenceslas IV ordered the construction of a new fortress – Točník, on a strategically important elevation. The top of Castle Hill (455 m) could only be reached by a spiral staircase surrounding the cliff. Hence the difficult “spiral” route and the name “Točník,” meaning “rotating.”

10Gorickovice Castle
Gorickovice Castle
Gorickovice Castle is located on the border of the Czech Karst and the Kokorinsko National Park, approximately 50 km southwest of Prague. Built at the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries. At that time, Gorickovice Castle belonged to the Jirotyne family. Since 1390

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