Top 10 Celebrities Who Changed Gender

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Attitudes towards people who have changed their gender are varied. However, sometimes these transformations appear so natural that it’s hard to believe they were ever different. Moreover, some people claim that after changing their gender, they finally felt like themselves and were able to achieve something in life.

1, 2Andy and Larry Wachowski
Andy and Larry Wachowski
Once famous as the Wachowski brothers, the directors of the blockbuster “The Matrix,” much has changed since then. First, Larry became Lana, and ten years later, Andy followed suit and became Lilly. The Wachowskis’ directorial portfolio has been enriched with new masterpieces, including “Cloud Atlas” and “Jupiter Ascending.”

3Bruce Jenner
Bruce Jenner
Bruce underwent his transformation in several stages, reaching this decision at a relatively late age of 65. During this time, he avoided public attention. He finally became a woman in 2013 and gave his first interview in his new appearance. Now known as Caitlyn Jenner.

4Yaron Cohen
Yaron Cohen
In 1998, Dana International won the Eurovision Song Contest. This was the stage name of Sharon Cohen, who was once a boy named Yaron Cohen. These details shocked the public at the time.

5Robert Arquette
Robert Arquette
Robert worked in film for a long time, participating in well-known projects but mostly in episodic roles. His credits include “Pulp Fiction,” “Friends,” and “Xena: Warrior Princess.” At 38, he decided he felt more like a woman and became Alexis Arquette. After the transition, new talents emerged: she is now not only an actress but also a painter and musician.

6Nong Tum
Nong Tum
A Thai kickboxer decided to become a woman, transforming into Parinya Kiatbusaba. She quickly gained fame and later had a film made about her.

7Heidi Krieger
Heidi Krieger
The 1986 European shot-put champion, Heidi, became a victim of the drugs she was taking. From adolescence, she had to take hormones and anabolic steroids, leading to irreversible changes in her body. She ultimately had to change her gender and took on the new name Andreas.

8Chastity Bono
Chastity Bono
The daughter of singer Cher realized she was a boy at 13 and told her parents she didn’t want to be a girl. So, it’s no surprise that as soon as she became independent, Chastity began taking decisive steps in this direction. Now Cher has a son, Chaz Bono.

9Boris April
Boris April
This Ukrainian young man was often mistaken for a girl, which didn’t bother him; on the contrary, it was a compliment. After success on the Ukrainian “Star Factory,” Boris decided to reveal his true self, becoming April.

10Yvonne Buschbaum
Yvonne Buschbaum
Yvonne was a successful pole vaulter in Germany. However, after an injury in 2007, she decided to retire from sports and change her gender, becoming Balian in 2008. Now, he is a well-known model.

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