Top 10 Celebrities who died young

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It may seem that at the peak of fame, life is only ahead, especially if you are about 30 years old, famous, recognizable, and full of energy. But fate can have different plans — death does not ask about age. Especially if one gets closer to it.

1Kurt Cobain (27 years old)

A legend of the band Nirvana and grunge as a whole. From childhood, he suffered from chronic illnesses, which Kurt managed with drugs even at a young age. This led to psychosis and, as a result, suicide.

2Marilyn Monroe (36 years old)
Marilyn Monroe
A legendary woman who easily conquered the hearts of the most influential men. Her death shocked the entire world — many fans attempted to take their own lives after the death of their idol. She died from an overdose of medication.

3Princess Diana (36 years old)

Her tragic death is still talked about today. It was truly a worldwide mourning, as the death of Lady Di was shocking in its suddenness. She died in a car accident, and even today, the causes of the crash remain unclear.

4Tupac Amaru Shakur (25 years old)
Tupac Amaru Shakur
One of the most successful rappers in the world with the best-selling albums. He led a criminal life, often getting shot but surviving. Finally, a fatal bullet found its target at the peak of his fame.

5Buddy Holly (22 years old)
Buddy Holly
An amazing singer who brought a unique touch to rock and roll. He could have achieved much more, but he died at a very young age in a mysterious and mystical way — in a plane crash, the causes of which are still unknown.

6Brandon Lee (28 years old)
Brandon Lee
His death is called a true family curse. The son followed in his father’s footsteps and repeated his fate — martial arts, cinema, death on the film set. By a ridiculous accident, he was shot with a prop gun from which a blank was not removed.

7Viktor Tsoi (28 years old)
Viktor Tsoi
A legend of Soviet rock, probably respected even by opponents of this style. After his death, Viktor became a true icon for fans, considering the numerous walls in his memory. He died in a car accident.

8Heath Ledger (28 years old)
Heath Ledger
An incredibly successful actor who managed to win the love and respect of millions in just a few years. He was known for the incredible charisma of his characters — the Joker alone is worth mentioning. He was found dead in his apartment. He died from an overdose of medication.

9Sid Vicious (21 years old)
Sid Vicious
The bassist of the legendary British band Sex Pistols was not known for a quiet and calm nature. Alcohol, drugs, fights, concerts, extravagant and sometimes extreme antics on stage — a true punk style icon. Overall, an expected end at a young age — a drug overdose.

10Amy Winehouse (27 years old)
Amy Winehouse
A legend of the soul music style and one of the best performers of the 2000s. She was distinguished by her unusual voice and extravagant style. She had a penchant for alcohol, which led to her death. Numerous fans from the music world (for example, Bono from U2) dedicated their songs to her.

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