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Czech Republic is often considered a small country, not particularly standing out in any significant way. However, the Czech Republic is the most economically developed among all the countries in the post-communist bloc. Its GDP per capita is one and a half times higher than that of Russia and is sourced from various sectors, including industrial production, agriculture, and internal services. Czech Republic manufactures a wide range of products, which reflects the economy of a “healthy state.” In the top 10, we have:

1 Aircraft

In the eastern part of Prague, in Vodochody, there is a company named AERO Vodochody that produces jet aircraft. L159 ALKA – training and multi-role combat aircraft are in service with the Czech Air Force. L39 Albatros aircraft were exported to the USSR and Iraq.

2 Trains
Warsaw city metro

In the city of Plzeň in southwestern Czech Republic, there was a well-known conglomerate called Škoda. At the turn of the 20-21st centuries, the conglomerate split into numerous independent enterprises, each of which carries the name Škoda. One of them is Škoda Transportation, which produces locomotives for railways and metros. All rolling stock on Czech railways uses locally manufactured locomotives. In 2021, the company built the first of 45 six-car trains for the Warsaw city metro.

3 Trams
Škoda 15T

The aforementioned Škoda Transportation also produces exquisite trams, Škoda 15T, which operate in Prague, Riga, Wrocław, and Miskolc.

4 Buses
SOR Libchavy

When it comes to transportation, Czechs have their own. Urban buses are produced in the town of Dolní Libchavy by the company SOR Libchavy. The buses have been manufactured since 1993 and are exported to Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Serbia, Montenegro, and Ukraine.

5 Trucks

Heavy trucks with a unique backbone frame and air cooling are manufactured in Kopřivnice by the company Tatra. Their vehicles have won multiple times in the Dakar Rally.

6 Passenger Cars
Škoda Auto

Another “shining shard” of the Škoda conglomerate is Škoda Auto from the town of Mladá Boleslav. The company, part of the Volkswagen AG conglomerate, produces over 1 million passenger cars annually, which are exported worldwide.

7 Bicycles

Czech Republic is home to a popular cycling culture. Brands like Author, Superior, Leder Fox, and Rockmachine are all Czech bicycle manufacturers. Author also produces clothing and additional bicycle equipment. Surprisingly, scooters with large wheels are also popular in the Czech Republic, with some people using them not only for exercise but also for traveling to other countries. The most well-known brand is Kostka.

8 Sportswear

In addition to traditional sports, the Czech Republic is known for outdoor excursions, skiing, and encounters with hikers in the woods. To dress these “athletes” comfortably and stylishly, there are numerous clothing brands, including Alpine Pro, Hannah, Pinguin, Nodrblank, and Husky, to name a few.

9 Information Technology

Among the companies with a global reputation, it’s worth mentioning the antivirus company Avast.

10 Weapons
Česká zbrojovka

Of course, there’s Česká zbrojovka, located in Brno. The company is now known as CZUB and is located in Uherský Brod. The original company from Brno went bankrupt in 2006. Their most famous products include hunting rifles from the BO 800 series and the Brno Effect.

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