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Some birds can not only fly and swim but also dive underwater to find food. The first diving birds were Hesperornises, which lived in the Cretaceous period. There are many birds today that have preserved this skill. The most common, of course, are ducks and their entire duck family. Some ducks can dive to great depths and stay underwater for a significant amount of time.

Penguin is a large non-flying seabird. Penguins dive and swim underwater excellently, can hold their breath for up to 18 minutes, and descend to depths of up to 20 meters.

Shearwaters are large seabirds with a body size of up to 48 cm and a wingspan of up to 73 cm. They have a combination of white bodies and black heads. Shearwaters dive excellently and can move underwater using their wings. These birds have been observed at depths of 180 meters.

Gannet is a waterfowl the size of a goose, with a body length of up to 90 cm and a wingspan of 150 cm. Gannets have a distinctive sharp beak and are excellent divers, capable of staying underwater for up to 3 minutes.

Puffins are small birds of the duck family with beaks covered in sharp serrations. Puffins dive excellently to depths of up to 20 meters.

Ruddy Duck
Ruddy Ducks are waterfowl of the duck family. Their body length reaches 58 cm, and Ruddy Ducks dive well to catch mollusks, reaching depths of up to 10 meters and staying underwater for 1 minute.

Auks are small seabirds with a body size of up to 35 cm and a wingspan of up to 50 cm. The distinctive feature of these birds is their massive, round-shaped beak. Auks dive excellently, swim underwater using their wings, and use their legs as rudders.

Fulmars are large seabirds with a size of up to 91 cm and a wingspan of 1 meter. Fulmars dive excellently from heights of 10 to 100 meters to depths of up to 25 meters. When in the water, they can reach speeds of 140 km/h.

Cormorants are medium-sized seabirds with body sizes ranging from 50 to 100 centimeters and wingspans of up to 150 cm.

Geese are large waterfowl of the duck family, characterized by long necks and large sizes. Geese, like ducks, can dive, but they do it much less efficiently. Most of the time, geese stay on land.

The Kingfisher is a small bird slightly larger than a sparrow, with a wingspan of 25 cm and a weight of 45 grams. Kingfishers feed on fish that they catch by diving underwater. They wait for their prey on branches above the water and dive for the fish.

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