Top 10 Largest Charitable Organizations

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Charity — the activity of providing assistance to other people in the form of providing property, finances, or services. The main feature of charity is the voluntary choice of the type, time, place, and content (target) of the aid. People engaged in charity are usually called philanthropists. There are numerous charitable organizations in the world, and the largest ones stand out.

1 Novo Nordisk Foundation, $73.1 billion
Novo Nordisk Foundation
Novo Nordisk Foundation is an international foundation established in Copenhagen in 1989, specializing in the treatment of people and research. In 2020, the foundation was valued at $73.1 billion, making it the world’s largest charitable foundation. The foundation is owned by Novo Holdings, a holding and pharmaceutical company.

2 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, $46.8 billion
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest private foundation in the United States with assets of $46.8 billion. It was founded in 1994 and aims to improve global health, reduce poverty, expand educational opportunities, and increase access to information technology.

3 Stichting INGKA Foundation, $36 billion
Stichting INGKA Foundation
Stichting INGKA Foundation is the largest charitable foundation founded by Swedish billionaire Ingvar Kamprad in 1982, the founder and owner of IKEA. The foundation owns IKEA Holding, which controls 207 of the 235 IKEA stores worldwide.

4 Wellcome Trust, $32.9 billion
Wellcome Trust
Wellcome Trust is an international charitable foundation established in 1936 with the funds of pharmaceutical magnate Henry Wellcome. It is headquartered in London and funds medical and biological research, with a significant portion of grants aimed at discovering new medicines.

5 Howard Hughes Medical Institute, $23.8 billion
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
An American non-profit research foundation founded by Howard Hughes in 1953. It is one of the largest private organizations funding biological and medical research in the United States.

6 Azim Premji Foundation, $21.0 billion
Azim Premji Foundation
Azim Premji Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been working with the primary education system in rural public schools since 2000. In 2010, the foundation founded a university in Bangalore, with Azim Premji serving as its chancellor.

7 Open Society Foundations, $19.6 billion
Open Society Foundations
The Open Society Foundations is a network of grant-giving foundations founded by George Soros in 1993. The foundations provide financial support to civil society groups worldwide with the goal of

8 Garfield Weston Foundation, $15.7 billion
Garfield Weston Foundation
Garfield Weston Foundation is a charitable organization that provides grants, founded in 1958 by Canadian businessman W. Garfield. The organization is based in the United Kingdom.

9 Lilly Endowment, $15.1 billion

A charitable organization founded in 1937 by Josiah K in Indianapolis. Since its inception, Lilly Endowment has supported numerous religious initiatives. Since 1987, Lilly Endowment has been responsible for the creation and growth of Indiana’s public funds.

10 Ford Foundation, $13.7 billion

Ford Foundation is an American charitable foundation founded in 1936 by Edsel, the son of Henry Ford. According to its charter, its primary mission is to fund programs that support democracy, reduce poverty, promote international cooperation, and human development.

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