Top 10 largest jellyfish in the world

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The underwater world is full of mysteries and secrets, and one of the most enigmatic creatures is the jellyfish. Their bodies are made up of over 90% water, and they inhabit salty seas and oceans. With their semi-transparent bodies, they almost seem to dissolve in water. However, jellyfish can pose serious threats to humans despite their fragile appearance. They come in sizes ranging from a few millimeters to several meters, and the larger specimens are particularly intriguing.

Lion’s Mane Jellyfish, 2.3 m
Lion's Mane Jellyfish
The Lion’s Mane Jellyfish has a body up to 2.3 meters in diameter and tentacles up to 37 meters long. They dwell in deep waters, so they rarely pose a threat to humans. Their venom causes burns but nothing more serious. These giants are most commonly found in the Atlantic Ocean.

Nomura’s Jellyfish, 2 m
Nomura's Jellyfish
Also known as the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish, its bell can reach up to 2 meters in diameter and it can weigh up to 200 kg. These jellyfish resemble enormous, hairy balls. They often entangle fishing nets and have allergenic venom that can be fatal to those who are allergic.

Chrysaora (Sea Nettle) Jellyfish, 1 m
Chrysaora Jellyfish
The body of the Sea Nettle Jellyfish can grow up to 1 meter in diameter with tentacles extending up to 4 meters. Their stings leave scars but their venom is harmless to humans. Detached tentacles can continue to sting for some time.

Purple Striped Jellyfish, 0.7 m
Purple Striped Jellyfish
With a bell diameter of 70 cm, this jellyfish is considered one of the most beautiful. Its body has a rich purple color and its stings cause severe burns.

Barrel Jellyfish, 0.6 m
Barrel Jellyfish
The Barrel Jellyfish can reach a diameter of 60 cm and weigh up to 60 kg. It is found in the Black and Mediterranean Seas. This jellyfish is used in the formulation of medicinal products and various dishes. It’s a peaceful sea inhabitant, with small fish often hiding under its bell. Its sting only causes minor irritation.

Australian Box Jellyfish, 0.45 m
Australian Box Jellyfish
A dangerous creature found off the coasts of Indonesia and Australia, its venom can cause cardiac arrest in humans. The 45 cm jellyfish is transparent, making it hard to spot in the water. It has 24 eyes and 60 tentacles, allowing it to sting its prey multiple times.

Aurelia (Moon Jellyfish), 0.4 m
Aurelia, or Moon Jellyfish, has a nearly transparent body that can grow up to 40 cm in diameter. It’s harmless to humans, causing only a mild sting. It is used in exotic dishes. Due to its oral arms that hang down like ears, it is also called the “Eared Jellyfish.”

Portuguese Man o’ War (Physalia), 0.25 m
Portuguese Man o' War
Named for its resemblance to a sailing ship, this jellyfish has a body measuring only 25 cm but with tentacles that can extend up to 50 meters. The bell is colored an unusual violet or blue. Despite its beauty, it is one of the most dangerous jellyfish, with venom that affects all body systems, causing victims to quickly drown.

Pelagia (Mauve Stinger), 0.12 m
Also known as the “Night Light” jellyfish because it glows when it contacts objects. Its bell is violet-red with ruffles around the edges and is 12 cm in diameter. Its venom can cause burns and shock.

Irukandji Jellyfish, 0.1 m
With a bell size of only 10 cm, the Irukandji Jellyfish has tentacles that extend up to 1 meter. It is one of the most venomous jellyfish, with a sting that causes burns, nausea, and pulmonary edema. The venom is insidious, as symptoms appear days later, complicating diagnosis and treatment.

Jellyfish do not hunt humans; they usually sting swimmers accidentally when people get too close. Therefore, it is essential to be vigilant while swimming and stay away from these beautiful but potentially dangerous creatures.

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