Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Croatia

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Croatia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Adriatic. The country is situated on the coast of the sea and, of course, is distinguished by bright and beautiful beaches.

A fairy-tale and picturesque beach located on the island of Dugi Otok. An excellent place for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. There’s plenty to see both above and below the water.

2Bijeca in Medulin
Bijeca in Medulin
Bijeca is exactly the place where families come for children’s health improvement. The sea here is shallow and clean. Tall trees grow along the beach. And to keep the little ones entertained, there’s a small water park.

3Paradise Beach on the island of Rab
Paradise Beach on the island of Rab
Another popular spot for family vacations. The sandy beach stretches for 2 kilometers. Crystal clear water, warm and gentle sea. The coastline is surrounded by coniferous trees.

4Nin Lagoon
Nin Lagoon
Another enchanting place in Croatia is the seaport of Nin. There are numerous beaches here, but the largest one is Nin Lagoon. The mud from this beach has healing properties.

The beach is located on the southern coast of the city of Ston. Surrounded by forest. Perfect for family vacations, although young people can also find entertainment here. Not too popular, but there are few people and plenty of space.

6Golden Horn
Golden Horn
Croatia’s postcard. Suitable for those who prefer a completely lazy holiday, i.e., complete inactivity. The right side of the beach is quite conservative, but if you’re a fan of nudism, then the left side is for you.

This beach is located on the island of Murter. The coastline is covered with fine gravel, sometimes mixed with sand. It has developed infrastructure and a decent range of entertainment. Quite typical and nothing original, though beautiful.

The beach is located on the remote island of Vis, making it ideal for a peaceful holiday. Underfoot is fine gravel. Around – open sea. Due to its remoteness, it is widely popular in certain circles.

9Velika Duba
Velika Duba
The place is suitable for lovers of open sea views. The beach is uncrowded, covered with fine gravel. Usually, there aren’t many people. There aren’t many entertainments either, although people don’t come here for that.

10Sveti Ivan
Sveti Ivan
The beach is located on the island of Cres. It’s a place for those who love a quiet holiday, as it’s far from civilization. The gravel here is of an amazingly white color. It’s an extremely picturesque option for beach photoshoots.

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