Top 10 Most Beautiful European Coastal Towns

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Tourism experts from PACE compile a list of the most beautiful cities in the world annually. If you pay attention to the coastal European options, the overall picture has not changed for several years.

1 Hallstatt, Austria
Hallstatt, Austria
The oldest village (of course, only in terms of historical age) on the shores of the beautiful Lake Hallstatt. The majestic Alps are reflected in the lake’s waters. One of the most beautiful views in all of Europe.

2 Como, Italy
Como, Italy
Lombardy is already an extremely picturesque place, and this small town on the shores of the eponymous lake is practically the jewel of the region. It’s no wonder there are villas owned by Hollywood stars here. This, by the way, spoils the impression.

3 Nazaré, Portugal
Nazaré, Portugal
A small fishing village with amazing charm. However, it’s long been more than a village, although not yet a city. Here, there’s a breathtaking view of the bay and the surrounding mountains. The town is literally embraced by the natural landscape.

4 Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey
It may not be entirely Europe, but it’s certainly one of the most beautiful cities. There’s no need to talk about its cultural significance— the capital of several empires doesn’t need an introduction. It may not be the cleanest city, but it has stunning views.

5 Ohrid, Macedonia
Ohrid, Macedonia
The lake on the border of Macedonia and Albania is considered the most beautiful in the Balkans. Plus, it’s also the deepest in the region. The village on its shore with the same name can’t boast the title of a tourist center, but it’s quiet and cheap here.

6 Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary
One of the oldest cities, existing since the time of the Roman Empire. Overall, of course, quite modern, but on the Danube embankment, the connection with modernity is completely lost. This is where the Danube looks most majestic, especially when old buildings are reflected in it.

7 Talloires, France
Talloires, France
The city of Talloires is located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Annecy. Time seems to have stopped here— even the city itself resembles an old village. Silence and monotony attract local old people who want a peaceful rest. There aren’t many tourists, so there’s no noisy hustle and bustle here.

8 Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy
What rating can do without this refined and romantic city? Historically, it’s a real legend, and tourists never cease to come here all year round. The city is incredibly beautiful, speaking of its canals with buildings and ignoring the trash. During the quarantine, they say, the canals cleared of trash and dolphins appeared in them.

9 Tavira, Portugal
Tavira, Portugal
A picturesque town on the shore of an equally picturesque sea bay. The town is notable for its Roman architecture and numerous bridges. There are very beautiful canals here, as well as an amazing view of the sea. Although not from the town itself, but from the surrounding hills.

10 Ascona, Switzerland
Ascona, Switzerland
According to many opinions, this Swiss town is the leader in beauty among coastal settlements in Europe. It is located almost on the border with Italy on the shores of Lake Maggiore. It’s quite popular among tourists, so it’s quite noisy. Almost all year round.

The experts seem to have forgotten to include my favorites, the Montenegrin Kotor, Dobrota, and Rose.

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