Top 10 Most Expensive BMW Motorcycles

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Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the BMW Museum and the Welt exhibition center in Munich. In addition to a large number of BMW cars, there are also motorcycles on display, and you can sit on almost all models of modern and fast motorcycles.
As always, new impressions mean a new top list. Top 10 most expensive BMW motorcycles

1 BMW HP4, $78,000
The BMW HP4 is a sports motorcycle with a 1-liter four-cylinder engine that was released by BMW in 2017 in a limited edition of 750 units. This version was produced exclusively for motorcycle tracks and is not intended for public road use. The engine power is 215 hp, and the price is $78,000.

2 BMW K1600GTL, $26,000
The BMW K1600GTL is a motorcycle produced by BMW. It was announced in July 2010, presented at the Cologne motorcycle show in October 2010, and went on sale in March 2011. The power of this motorcycle is 160 hp, and the price is $26,000.

3 BMW R1250GS Adventure, $20,000
BMW R1250GS Adventure
The BMW R1250GS Adventure is a motorcycle manufactured by BMW. It is part of the BMW GS sports motorcycle family. It has a 1250 cc twin-cylinder engine with four valves per cylinder and variable valve timing. The engine power is 136 hp, and the price is $20,000.

4 BMW S1000XR, $17,000
The BMW S1000XR is a sports touring motorcycle produced by BMW since 2015. The versatile motorcycle was introduced on November 4, 2014, at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy. It is partly technically based on the S1000R motorcycle and is marketed by the manufacturer as an “Adventure Sport Bike.” The engine power is 165 hp, and its price is $17,000.

5 BMW S1000RR, $16,000
The BMW S1000RR is a production sports motorcycle by BMW. The racing version of this motorcycle was ridden by the BMW Motorsport team in the World Superbike Championship. The motorcycle was presented in Munich in April 2008. It accelerates to 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds. Its price is $16,000.

6 BMW R nineT, $15,500
BMW R nineT
The BMW R nineT is a standard motorcycle introduced in 2014. It is a retro-style roadster with extensive customization and tuning options. The engine power is 110 hp, and its price is $15,500.

7 R nineT Racer, $13,500
R nineT Racer
The R nineT Racer is a natural combination of the retro romance iconic to bikers of the 1970s and modern BMW Motorrad technology. Sitting behind the characteristic low handlebars, leaning towards the tank with its perfect half-fairing, you can hear the roar of the powerful boxer engine. This is a bike with a strong character, worthy of racing tracks. Its price is $13,500.

8 BMW C 650GT, $11,000
BMW C 650 GT
Whatever you prefer, the maxi-scooter BMW C 650 GT will comfortably fulfill all your tasks. The responsive, balanced engine with 60 hp power allows for long-distance travel. The price is $11,000.

9 BMW C 400X, $6,800
BMW C 400X
Always stay connected? The BMW C 400 X does too. This mid-size scooter makes city mobility easier. Just take your favorite music with you and rediscover the city to your chosen soundtrack. The engine power is 34 hp, and the price is $6,800.

10 BMW G 310R, $4,900
BMW G 310R, $4,900
The BMW G 310 R is the essence of riding pleasure. Designed for true motorcycle enthusiasts, it is perfect for trips in bustling cities. It is maneuverable, easy to handle, and very sporty. The engine power is 34 hp, and its price is $4,900.

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