Top 10 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

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People usually look for the most cost-effective, i.e., inexpensive, places to stay. However, there are opposite opinions as well. Some suites can significantly impact even the wealthiest wallets. Here’s a look at the costs of a night in the royal suite and what makes these rates so substantial:

1 Hotel President Wilson
Hotel President Wilson
The Swiss suite justifiably takes first place, with the price per night starting at $83,000. The suite features four bedrooms and includes the services of a personal assistant, a butler, and a team of chefs. The windows offer a stunning view of the Swiss Alps.

2 Grand Resort Lagonissi
Grand Resort Lagonissi
$75,000 will be required for those who want to stay in this hotel in Greece. The spacious suite is equipped with a fireplace, sauna, and two bedrooms. The windows provide a view of the Aegean Sea.

3 Raj Palace
Raj Palace
A night at the Shahi Mahal hotel costs $60,000. In seemingly impoverished India, there is one of the most prestigious suites. It features a private theater, an astrology room, and more. A team of chefs works exclusively for the suite’s residents.

4 Grand Hyatt Martinez
Grand Hyatt Martinez
A suite in this French hotel in Cannes costs $52,000. The fee is charged not only for the large area and the hotel’s status but also for additional amenities and “features.” For example, all the walls in the hotel are adorned with paintings by great artists from around the world, so guests immediately find themselves on a tour. The suite is often occupied by the creative elite from various countries.

5 Four Seasons Hotel
Four Seasons Hotel
The Four Seasons Hotel in New York boasts many additional options: a Rolls-Royce with a driver who will take the temporary owner around the city, butler services, and more. The most expensive suite here costs $45,000 per night. Residents will have a room with four balconies, Japanese pillows, and various amenities of modern civilization.

6 Palms Casino Resort
Palms Casino Resort
This Las Vegas hotel boasts a wide range of entertainment options. The hotel has its own legal casino. It also has a recording studio. The most expensive suites occupy two floors, and their area exceeds 100 square meters. The cost per night starts at $40,000.

7 Laucala Island Resort
Laucala Island Resort
This small hotel in Fiji offers a night for $35,000. However, the cost includes not only the rent but also dinner with seafood and champagne. The resident of the royal suite can also attend several massage sessions and ride a horse for free – these are included in the cost of the stay.

8 Plaza Hotel
Plaza Hotel
Located in New York, the hotel offers views of Fifth Avenue from its windows. The suite includes three bedrooms and a library. A night in such a suite costs $30,000.

9 Ritz-Carlton Tokyo
Ritz-Carlton Tokyo
The hotel occupies one of the tallest buildings in Tokyo, which is reflected in the price. The suite can accommodate 16 people: it includes separate rooms for guests and several bathrooms. A night in the suite costs $25,000.

10 Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab
Built in 1999, the hotel, resembling a sail, quickly became a symbol of the UAE and Dubai. On the wave of popularity, the hotel positioned itself as a seven-star establishment. The price for a suite here starts at $23,000 per night. The minimum suite area is 169 square meters. Inside, the luxurious decor includes elements finished with gold leaf.

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