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A grand piano is a musical instrument in which the strings, soundboard, and mechanical components are arranged horizontally, and the body has a triangular shape. Instruments are classified into 5 classes based on quality and construction excellence.

There are not many manufacturers of premium grand pianos in the world, and the price of the most expensive ones has long exceeded a million dollars. Here are the Top 10 Most Expensive Grand Pianos:

1Steinway & Sons Pictures, $2,500,000

The most expensive grand piano available on the market costs $2.5 million. It is a Steinway & Sons Pictures piano, created with reference to the Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky and painted by artist Paul Weiss. The piano features elements of Russian style, with legs shaped like cuckoo clocks. In my non-professional opinion, it seems quite tasteless.

2Steinway & Sons Fibonacci $2,400,000

Another grand piano from the same company, named Fibonacci. Priced at over $2 million, it is designed based on the Fibonacci spiral, inlaid with rare wood and adorned with carvings. The piano looks very stylish.

3Bechstein Sphinx, $1,200,000

A replica of the first piano built by Bechstein in 1886 for an exhibition in London. The creation of this piano involved 1800 hours of manual labor or 32 months of assembly. The piano is covered with gilded statuettes and combines Greek, Egyptian, and Roman motifs. It is a breathtaking combination of grandeur. Under the hood is the Bechstein 212 concert grand piano.

4Blüthner Lucid EXO, $960,000

This piano from the Blüthner company violates all possible principles of expensive instruments, being made using patented 3D printing technology with carbon fiber. Inside the exoskeleton is a highly efficient mechanism, emphasizing asymmetrical panels that fit organically into the design of the body. Various color options and additional settings are available.

5Bösendorfer Opus 50, $750,000

One of the oldest piano manufacturers in the world, Bösendorfer, has released a concert grand piano built in honor of the brand’s 85th anniversary. It is the 50,000th unit produced. Under the hood, the model 225 is adorned with veneer from French maple, pear, and walnut. Gold decorations made of 24-carat gold are applied by hand.

6Fazioli M Liminal by NYT Line, $695,000

A postmodern-style grand piano influenced by the design of a yacht for which it was commissioned. This unique instrument has a form so harmonious that it gives the impression of levitation. When the grand piano is on a pedestal with the triangular lid raised, it resembles a yacht with a raised sail.

7Fazioli Gold Leaf, $450,000

Speaking of the most expensive grand pianos in the world, Fazioli Gold Leaf cannot be ignored. Based on the F228 model, this piano is manually adorned with 20-carat gold leaf. Special polyester coating protects the gold, making the instrument scratch-resistant and always shiny.

8Blüthner Supreme Edition with 24K Gold inlaid lid, $420,000

Blüthner is a legendary brand that has been innovating and producing some of the most beautiful grand pianos in the world for over 160 years. They have created a masterpiece, inlaid with gold, as a unique piece. The lid is made of black wood with interior decorations. When the piano lid is open to the public, an amazing gold picture is revealed.

9Boganyi, $390,000

Hungarian brand Boganyi is a newcomer among grand piano manufacturers. As a concert pianist, he envisioned a futuristic single-body instrument made of carbon fiber. In collaboration with designer Peter Uveges, a monolithic structure was developed using aluminum, carbon fiber, and a signature Bordeaux frame, giving the instrument a stunning appearance in the open position. To date, there are only a few such instruments in the world, and the company provides a 100-year warranty on each of its instruments.

10Blüthner Lucid Hive Extravaganza, $200,000

The crystal grand piano holds a special place among expensive grand pianos. Its body is cast from industrial lucid, reinforced with a skeleton resembling honeycombs, creating a futuristic spirit for the instrument. The interaction of light and shadow in the area of the cells provides an impressive optical effect. The piano can be ordered in different sizes and color schemes.

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