Top 10 Most Expensive Sculptures

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I really like sculpture art, but when we talk about the most expensive sculptures in the world, it gives the impression of deception and inflation. The authors, “serial artists,” have more than one work in the category of the most expensive. The artistic value and depth of the works can only be understood with a scientific degree from some university. Nevertheless, I present to your attention the Top 10 Most Expensive Sculptures.

1Pointing Man, $141.3 million

The bronze sculpture by renowned Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti from 1947, which became the most expensive sculpture in history, sold for $141.3 million on May 11, 2015.

2Walking Man I, $123.8 million

A bronze statue measuring 183 cm by the master Alberto Giacometti. The sculpture depicting a walking man was created in 1961.

3Chariot, $101 million

One of the first works by Alberto Giacometti created in post-war Paris. It depicts an Egyptian chariot with a standing female figure.

4Rabbit, $91.1 million

A metallic sculpture by American artist Jeff Koons. The author’s works are known for their extravagance but are among the top most expensive sculptures in the world.

5Portrait of Nancy Cunard, $71 million

Work by French sculptor Constantin Brancusi. His work is characterized by the expressiveness of smooth stylized contours, creating abstract-symbolic images.

6Head, $70.7 million

Sculpture by the famous Italian expressionist Amedeo Modigliani, made of limestone. The sculpture, 60 cm in height, depicts the head of a woman wearing a mask.

7Balloon Dog (Orange), $58.4 million

Another work by Jeff Koons, made of steel. The sculpture gives the illusion of lightness and weightlessness but actually weighs 1000 kilograms and is over three meters in height.

8Sleeping Muse, $57.3 million

A bronze sculpture by the well-known French artist Constantin Brancusi, created in 1910. The model for the sculpture was Baroness Rene-Irana Frachon, and the original work was made of marble.

9Lioness of Gobekli Tepe, $57.2 million

A limestone sculpture by an unknown Mesopotamian master. The statue was found near Baghdad, Iraq, and is estimated to be 5000 years old. In my opinion, it’s the most deserving work in the top.

10Large Thin Head, $53.3 million

A bronze sculpture by Alberto Giacometti, created in the image of his brother Diego. It stands 65 cm tall and was made in 1955.

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