Top 10 Most Visited Cities by Artists

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Analyzing 350 world tours of 200 groups and artists, it turns out they’re not as global as one might think; the list of cities repeated from time to time. These are the trends of modern music, which has long turned from art into commercial projects. So, here are the 10 Most Visited Cities by Artists:
1London, UK

The capital of the UK, considered the unofficial capital of the world and the most influential megacity on the planet.
2Los Angeles, USA

The global center of the entertainment industry in cinema. Its residents and guests often call it the “Entertainment Capital.”

Paris is one of the largest financial centers in Europe, as well as a center for diplomacy, trade, fashion, science, and art.
4New York City, USA

The Big Apple, the City of Big Dreams and Sharp Corners, the unofficial capital of the USA.
5Melbourne, Australia

One of Australia’s most important economic and cultural centers. It is considered the unofficial sports capital of the world.
6Tokyo, Japan

The political and administrative center of Japan, it held the title of unofficial world capital for gourmets for several years.
7Toronto, Canada

The unofficial capital of Canada, it is the most multicultural city in the world.
8Sydney, Australia

The largest city in terms of population and area, and the oldest city in Australia.
9Chicago, USA

The third most populous city and the second most important financial center in the country.
10Birmingham, UK

The largest industrial center and an important transportation hub.

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