Top 10 Scientists Under 30 Who Changed the World

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After watching interview with Konstantin Batygin once again, I am convinced of how amazingly organized everything is in America. Such an environment allows for the cultivation of scientists, enabling them to have a fresh perspective on problems and achieve high results. And proof of this is the large number of young people engaged in science. Forbes compiled a list of such individuals – scientists under 30 who have changed the world (age indicated at the time of list compilation). Since then, several years have passed, and Konstantin has become a professor.

1 Nevada Sanchez, 26
Nevada Sanchez
A student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, worked in the radio telescope laboratory, used radio telescope technology to create ultrasonic devices that allow using sound waves for surgical operations.

2 Evelin Ayong, 27
Evelin Ayong
Postdoctoral researcher at Columbia University, researching DNA. In addition to expanding our fundamental knowledge of how matter interacts on very small scales, this could lead to faster and more efficient methods of cheap and effective chemical processing.

3 Konstantin Batygin, 28
Konstantin Batygin
Assistant Professor, California Institute of Technology
He discovered the 9th planet in the solar system and proved that eventually planets in the solar system will deviate from the Sun.

4 Elizabeth Beatty, 24
Elizabeth Beatty
Ph.D. candidate, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Pennsylvania. Developed an upper body exoskeleton for use in rehabilitation for upper body or shoulder injuries. It is affordable and compact, so the patient can perform physiotherapy exercises at home.

5 Elica Bergelson, 29

Assistant Professor, Researcher, University of Rochester. Studies language acquisition in infants. At around 6 months, infants start to understand words denoting products and body parts, and only by 10 months do they hear words or verbs like “eat.”

6 Vijay Chudasama, 28
Vijay Chudasama
Co-founder of Thiologics, working on creating new biotechnological drugs: combining antibodies. This allows, for example, the use of drugs delivering chemotherapy only to tumor cells.

7 Kanan Dagdeviren, 29
Kanan Dagdeviren
Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, working on creating electronic chips that can be powered by the body, eliminating the need for batteries. These devices could become the cardio stimulators, implantable defibrillators, and heart monitors of the future.

8 Satoru Emori, 29
Satoru Emori
Doctor, Northeastern University, developed new methods of controlling magnetism with electricity, a discovery that could lead to the creation of energy-efficient computers and memory.

9 John Freeman, 28
John Freeman
Assistant Professor, New York University, developed software that changes the perception of human face recognition.

10 Eran Hodis, 29
Eran Hodis
Doctor of Medicine and Philosophy at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Discovered mutations in the genomes of melanoma cells, which turned out to be some of the most common mutations in cancer.

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