Top 10 Tallest Dunes

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Dune – is a sand hill formed by the movement of sand grains under the influence of wind. When sand grains move, a low sound often occurs, which is why dunes are called singing. Dunes occur not only in the desert, any sand deposits moved by the wind are called dunes. Sometimes these hills reach truly enormous sizes, here is the Top 10 Largest Dunes.

1 Federico Kirbus Dune, 1230 m
Federico Kirbus Dune
Federico Kirbus Dune is the highest dune in the world, located in Argentina. Named after the journalist and explorer Federico Kirbus who discovered it.

2 Cerro Blanco Dune, 1176 m
Cerro Blanco Dune
Cerro Blanco (Cerro Blanco) – a sand dune in Peru, 1176 meters high, not far from the coast of the Pacific Ocean. From the dune, there is a wonderful view of the Nazca Valley, and on a clear day, you can even see the ocean.

3 Medanoza Dune, 500 m
Medanoza Dune
Medanoza Dune, 500 meters high, is located in the Atacama Desert in Chile, one of the driest places on earth – less than 50 mm of precipitation per year.

4 Badain Jaran Dune, 500 m
Badain Jaran Dune
Part of the Alashan Desert in China is the Badain Jaran Desert, which contains a large number of stationary dunes, some reaching 500 meters in height. Also in this part of the desert, there are many lakes.

5 Rig Jenn Dune, 470 m
Rig Jenn Dune
Rig Jenn Dune, 470 meters high, is located in Iran in the salt desert Dasht-e Kavir. It was previously believed that spirits inhabited this place and caravans bypassed it.

6 Sahara Dunes, 430 m
Sahara Dunes
Dunes in the Sahara Desert, in Algeria, reach 430 meters, this is not one dune, but a whole area (Average Highest Area Dunes).

7 Dune 7, 383 m
Dune 7
Dune 7 or (Big Daddy) – the tallest dune in Namibia, its height is 383 meters. The name comes from the fact that this is number 7 in our ranking, a joke, this is the seventh dune after crossing the Tsohab River.

8 Mount Tempest Dune, 280 m
Mount Tempest Dune
Mount Tempest (Mount Tempest) – the highest coastal sand dune in the world, 280 meters high, located in Australia on Morton Island.

9 Star Dune, 230 m
Star Dune
Star Dune (Start dune) – the highest dune in North America, 230 meters high, located in a national park in the USA.

10 Pyla Dune, 105 m
Pyla Dune
Pyla Dune (Dune of Pyla) — the largest sand dune in Europe, located in France near the Arcachon Bay.

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