Top 10 Tallest Eiffel Tower Replicas

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1Watkin’s Tower, 358 meters
Watkin's Tower
Watkin’s Tower in Wembley Park in London was conceived as an attraction and resembled the tower in Paris. However, the tower was not completed and was demolished in 1907.

2Dragon Tower, 336 meters
Dragon Tower
The tower, built in 2000, also known as Long Ta, is located in China in the Harbin province. The structure is used for television and radio broadcasting, observation systems, and as an observation deck.

3Tokyo Tower, 332.5 meters
Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower, or the Japanese Radio Tower, is a communication and observation tower in Tokyo, Japan, built in 1958. It is the second tallest structure in Japan.

4Nagoya TV Tower, 180 meters
Nagoya TV Tower
Nagoya TV Tower is the oldest television tower in Japan, built in 1954. It is located in the center of Hisaya Odori Park. The tower has a height of 180 meters and has two main observation decks at 90 meters (covered Sky Deck) and 100 meters (open Sky Balcony). The tower also has a restaurant and gallery at a height of 30 meters. The Nagoya TV Tower closely resembles the Eiffel Tower. Recently, the tower has become known as the “Thunder Tower” because of its nighttime lighting. There is also a bowling alley at the top of the tower.

5New Brighton Tower, 173 meters

An observation tower in England in New Brighton. The tower was abandoned during World War I and required repairs. Due to various reasons, repairs did not begin, and in 1919, the tower was dismantled, and the metal was sold. The building underneath the tower was used as a ballroom until 1969.

6Las Vegas Eiffel Tower, 164.6 meters
Las Vegas Eiffel Tower
The tower is located on the premises of the Paris Las Vegas casino. Originally, a full-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower was planned, but due to the proximity to the airport, the size had to be reduced to 1:2. Another interesting feature is that the back legs of the tower pass through the casino’s roof and rest on the floor inside the building.

7Ismaning Radio Tower, 163 meters
Ismaning Radio Tower
An antenna of a large radio transmitting station near Ismaning, Bavaria, Germany. The antenna had an unfavorable vertical radiation pattern, resulting in wave overlap and too small a reception area. The antenna was used until 1977 and was demolished in 1983.

8Funkturm Berlin, 150 meters
Funkturm Berlin
Radio broadcasting tower in Berlin. Built between in 1926 according to the design of architect Straumer. The tower, nicknamed the “lanky guy,” is no longer in use but remains one of Berlin’s most famous landmarks.

9The Parisian, 150 meters
The Parisian
The Parisian Macao is a resort casino on the Cotai Strip in Cotai, Macau, China, owned by Las Vegas Sands, with a 1:2 scale replica of the Eiffel Tower as one of its attractions.

10Eiffel Tower, Window of the World, 108 meters
Eiffel Tower, China
The Eiffel Tower of the Window of the World park – a reduced copy of the Eiffel Tower located in the western part of Shenzhen, in the Window of the World park, which houses about 130 reproductions of the most famous world tourist attractions. The tower is installed in the center of the park and is the dominant feature of the park.

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