Top 10 Tallest Statues in the World

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Statues are usually created to commemorate important historical events or honor famous individuals. The tallest statue in the world is about the height of a 60-story building. It’s hard to imagine such a gigantic human figure. If you take a closer look, you’ll find that all the top leaders are in Asia.

1Statue of Unity, 182 m
Statue of Unity
The Statue of Vallabhbhai Patel, the Deputy Prime Minister of India and a leader in the Indian independence movement. Located on Sadhu Island in India, this is the tallest statue in the world at 182 meters.

2Zhongyuan Buddha Statue, 128 m
Zhongyuan Buddha Statue
The Statue of Vairocana Buddha in Zhaocun Village, Lushan County, Pindingshan City, Henan Province, China. The statue was built in 2008 and is the second-largest statue in the world at 128 meters.

3Lechuzun Sasaccha, 115.8 m
Lechuzun Sasaccha
The statue of Buddha is located in Khatakhan Taung, Myanmar. The statue was built in 2008, and inside the statue, there is a museum of Buddhist religious art.

4Daibutsu Ushiku, 100 m
Daibutsu Ushiku
The statue of Buddha in Ushiku, Japan, was built in 1995. Ushiku Daibutsu is the world’s tallest bronze statue and the fourth tallest statue in the world.

5Statue of the Goddess Kannon, 100 m
Statue of the Goddess Kannon
The statue of the Goddess of Mercy, Kannon, in Sendai, Japan. The 100-meter-tall statue was built in 1991.

6Guishan Guanyin with a Thousand Hands and Eyes, 99 m
Guishan Guanyin with a Thousand Hands and Eyes
A bronze statue of AvalokiteĊ›vara, located in Hunan, China. The monument was constructed in 2009. A Buddhist legend has it that Guanyin vowed not to rest until all living beings were liberated from samsara, the cycle of birth and rebirth. She initially had 11 heads and discovered her hands breaking while reaching out to help those in need. Amitabha came to her aid and gave her a thousand hands.

7Big Buddha of Phuket, 92 m
Big Buddha of Phuket
The statue of Buddha in Phuket, Thailand. The statue cost around 950,000 USD, raised through donations.

8Dai Kannon, 88 m
Dai Kannon
The statue of Dai Kannon, also known as Hokkaido Kannon, is the third tallest statue in Japan. It was built in 1989.

9Awazi Kannon, 80 m
Awazi Kannon
Perhaps the most remarkable statue is in Japan, dedicated not to a deity or ruler but to a real estate agent… yes, Awazi Kannon from the Okuti group, a person who worked in real estate and owned the house on which the statue is built. After the owner’s death, the statue passed into the hands of the government, which decided to demolish the structure by 2022.

10Buddha Statue in Ushiku, 79 m
Buddha Statue in Ushiku
A bronze Buddha statue, 88 meters tall, in Ushiku, China.

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