Top 10 types of chamomile

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Installing a plant recognition app, I first aimed it at the daisy at my feet and it turned out to be a marguerite. Reading about daisies, I found out that there are as many as 25 species, and many white flowers are mistakenly considered daisies. Daisy is widely used in medicine, cosmetology, gardening, and as tea. The Russian name was borrowed from the Polish language and comes from the Latin word “romana” (“Roman”).

1 Pharmaceutical Daisy
Pharmaceutical Daisy
Pharmaceutical Daisy is an annual herbaceous plant used in scientific and folk medicine since ancient times, and is one of the most demanded medicinal plants.

2 Fragrant, Green Daisy
Fragrant Daisy
Fragrant Daisy is also used as medicinal raw material, which differs from pharmaceutical daisy oil by the absence of azulene. Therefore, it is only used externally.

3 Southern Daisy
Southern Daisy

4 Rock Daisy
Rock Daisy

5 Western Daisy
Western Daisy

6 Golden Daisy
Golden Daisy

7 Polar Daisy
Polar Daisy

8 Sevan Daisy
Sevan Daisy

9 Chikhachyov’s Daisy
Chikhachyov's Daisy

10 Guker’s Daisy
Guker's Daisy

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