Top 10 Unusual Trams in the World

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Trams have long ceased to be just a means of transport. Increasingly, they become attractions in cities, complementing urban landscapes and often becoming the main highlight of entire streets. As a result, tram cars are often uniquely designed, evoking greetings from the past or echoes of a fantastic future.

1The Longest Tram, Budapest
The Longest Tram, Budapest
This tram is 54 meters long and consists of 9 interconnected sections. With 8 doors along its length, passengers need to prepare for their stops well in advance.

2Chinese Futurism
Chinese Trackless Tram
The Chinese envision the future with trackless trams. This tram can travel on roads marked with special lines that do not interfere with other vehicles.

3The Oldest Tram
The Oldest Tram in Rio de Janeiro
Operating in Rio de Janeiro since 1896, this tram is a living landmark that you can still ride. Over the past century, it hasn’t changed its appearance, making it the oldest functioning tram. Riding it offers a nostalgic trip back in time.

4Musical Tram
Musical Tram in Lisbon
Lisbon also features century-old trams that enhance the city’s charm, especially on its narrow, old streets. To request a stop, passengers must pull a special cord near the door. In summer, local musicians often perform for free on these wooden trams, adding a musical touch to the ride.

5Double-Decker Trams of Hong Kong
Double-Decker Trams of Hong Kong
While double-decker buses are a common sight in England, Hong Kong features double-decker trams. These trams have been operating for decades, even after Hong Kong ceased to be a British colony, maintaining a unique charm.

6Extravagant Trams of Blackpool
Trams of Blackpool
Blackpool in the UK is home to the most unusual trams: from double-deckers to open-sided trams and even convertibles. The latter are especially popular with tourists for city sightseeing tours.

7Horse-Drawn Trams
Horse-Drawn Tram in Australia
In Australia, a small horse-drawn tram takes tourists to Granite Island, where a colony of little penguins resides. This ride offers the chance to see two attractions at once.

8Bilbao: Harmony with Nature
Trams in Bilbao
Bilbao’s trams are stylish and modern, but what makes them unique is that they run on grass rather than asphalt or traditional tracks. The tracks are hidden under a grassy and floral cover, with trees lining the sides, creating the feeling of a park stroll.

9San Francisco Collections
Cable Trams in San Francisco
San Francisco boasts a collection of antique trams from various eras and countries, including French, Japanese, and Russian trams. Each tram has an informational plaque detailing its history. Additionally, the city features cable cars that are pulled along tracks by an underground cable.

10Contactless Tram of Seoul
Contactless Tram of Seoul
Seoul’s trams look like they came straight out of a comic book or animated film, thanks to their innovative technology. These trams use magnetic force to move along blue rails embedded with magnets, eliminating the need for electricity.

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