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Let’s leave the proof of the existence of the Yeti to scientists and talk about what it’s called in other countries. We know this mysterious creature as the “Yeti,” but in other countries, it also has names. So, what do they call the Yeti in other countries?

1Yeti in Nepal
Inhabiting the Himalayan mountains, according to eyewitnesses, this creature walks upright, avoids contact, is smarter than a bear, and stays below the snow line to avoid leaving tracks.

2Bigfoot in the USA
Americans describe their Bigfoot as an aggressive creature, ranging from 210 to 300 centimeters tall, with blood-red eyes the size of a silver dollar and a horrible stench. It is said to have even attacked people in the 1970s.

3Yowie in Australia
In Australia, this creature is called Yowie, Yahoo, Joogabinna, Jurrawarra, Tjangara. According to Aboriginal legends, it is a tall male creature with large feet, leaving huge tracks.

4Orang-Pendek in Malaysia
The most plausible of the creatures, it lives in the jungles of Indonesia, ranging from 60 to 150 centimeters tall, walking upright, resembling an orangutan with a human face.

5Skunk Ape in Florida
Skunk Ape
In Florida, Bigfoot is called the Skunk Ape, Swamp Ape, Stink Ape. It’s still a very smelly creature, with little real evidence of its existence.

6Almas in Mongolia
From the Caucasus Mountains to Mongolia, this creature is called the wild man – Almas. It is described as a tall, thin creature ranging from 160 to 180 centimeters tall and weighing over 200 kilograms. Its face resembles that of a human, possibly a Neanderthal, but it’s not human.

7Mande Burung in India
Mande Burung
In India, the Yeti is described as a giant monkey with a human face, about 300 centimeters tall and weighing over 300 kilograms. The Indian Yeti is named Mande Burung.

8Barmanou in Afghanistan
Travelers in the mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan have encountered a creature resembling a human dressed in animal skins, called Barmanou. Spanish zoologist Jordi Magraner explored this region in the 1980s in search of Barmanou, but he was killed in Afghanistan in 2002, and the results of his research disappeared without a trace.

9Yeren in China
The Chinese Yeren is a reddish-brown creature living in the forested areas of the mountains, very fast and elusive. It is one of the oldest creatures, with the first mentions dating back 2000 years.

10Bukit Timah Monkey Man in Singapore
Bukit Timah Monkey Man
Accounts of the Singaporean Bukit Timah Monkey Man date back to 1805; one of the elders claimed to have seen a creature resembling a monkey but walking upright. Furthermore, Japanese soldiers during World War II claimed to have encountered such creatures and that the creatures spoke in a rapid, incomprehensible language.

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