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Because of rapid population growth, some large cities have grown into agglomerations. However, administratively, they are considered cities only within defined boundaries.
As a result, the list of the largest cities by population differs from the list of agglomerations. According to the City Mayors Foundation, here is how the list looked in 2019.

1Shanghai 24,153,000
Country Population: 1,384,688,986
Percentage of China’s Population: 1.7%
The largest city, located in China along the Yangtze River. A global financial center.

2Beijing 18,590,000
Country Population: 1,384,688,986
Percentage of China’s Population: 1.3%
The capital of China, situated along the Yunjing River. A center of politics, education, and culture.

3Karachi 18,000,000
Country Population: 207,862,518
Percentage of Pakistan’s Population: 1.3%
The largest city in Pakistan, the main financial, banking, industrial, and trade center of the country. Karachi is one of the busiest ports in the Indian Ocean.

4Istanbul 14,657,000
Country Population: 81,257,239
Percentage of Turkey’s Population: 18%
The largest city in Turkey, a major trade, industrial, and cultural center, as well as the primary port of the country.

5Dhaka 14,543,000
Country Population: 159,453,001
Percentage of Bangladesh’s Population: 9.1%
The capital of Bangladesh, the largest city in the country, located on the banks of the Buriganga River. A center for water tourism.

6Tokyo 13,617,000
Country Population: 126,168,156
Percentage of Japan’s Population: 10.8%
The capital of Japan, an administrative, financial, industrial, and political center. Officially, Tokyo is not a city but a metropolitan district.

7Moscow 13,197,596
Country Population: 142,122,776
Percentage of Russia’s Population: 9.3%
Moscow is the capital of Russia, the largest city, and the financial and political center of the country. It is located on the Moscow River.

8Manila 12,877,000
Country Population: 105,893,381
Percentage of the Philippines’ Population: 12.2%
The largest city in the Philippines, located on Luzon Island. The country’s main port and an industrially developed city.

9Tianjin 12,784,000
Country Population: 1,384,688,986
Percentage of China’s Population: 0.9%
Tianjin is one of the cities directly administered by the People’s Republic of China. It is an important economic center and the largest zone for heavy and light industries in China.

10Mumbai 12,400,000
Country Population: 1,296,834,042
Percentage of India’s Population: 1.0%
A major city in India, the administrative center of the state of Maharashtra. One of the country’s largest economic centers and a hub for entertainment and cinema. Also, a location for film shooting.

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